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Belgrade is super

At least seventeen cities over three continents bear name as his. Ambitious, tempting, nestled between East and West, brave and before all –
untenable turbulent – this Belgrade of ours is the most beautiful, in comparison to the rest.
Do we seem biased?
We will leave a room for a dialogue when you pay us a visit and see it yourselves!

Our “White city“ has long, but not so white history. His first traces go back to 50,000 years ago, and in this area, the warriors’ spears crossed 115 times, and 44 times he went down on defeat, being razed to the ground. Belgrade was ruled by the Romans, Byzantines, Hungarians, Turks, Bulgarians.
Valorous army of Attila stormed through Belgrade area in the 5th century, and St. John of Capestrano, a modest German Franciscan, exactly one thousand
years later, defended Belgrade so heroically that was proclaimed his patron. All those events, both fortunate and unfortunate, mixed cultures, divers
warriors, have left a trail or two on the cobblestone of this city. And this is why Belgrade is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in this part of Europe!

Unvaried socialist styled bloc buildings, sub-domal arcs, Ottoman hewn brick, monuments of Serbian uprising leaders, remnants of Roman walls… you just
need a several hundred meter stroll through Serbian capital to see how each period sealed its trace here. As we speak on historic periods, let’s not be unfair towards the very last one: in last decade Belgrade evolves constantly, his cosmopolitan charm attracts even those from the farthest edges the Earth’s globe, and we should mention that many decide to stay for good.

It is no wonder that the Sava from the West and the Danube, the only major European river flowing east, merge in Belgrade. Symbolically or not, and
geography has also decided that the East and the West meet here. Whatever day you choose to visit, do not worry – it is all in Belgrade like a weekend. Nightlife draws attention of all the towns around, and rumors are circling that many of the European capitals envy him.

In these several lines we ran through different periods and cultures that found their permanent and temporary residence here and thus deserved tenancy right.

If you are of those who do not like to tire eyes with reading and rush to conclusions, we would leave three sole words saying everything: