Supermarket Deli

Sometimes all you need is good bit in friendly atmosphere; in other words, to unwind and enjoy simple things in life, like unapologetic pleasure and easy-going socializing.

Deli aspires to do just that – manifest a pleasurable experience that nourishes all five senses.

We want you to take a international cuisine tour through Deli gastro experience, from colorfould Mexican tortilla and nachos to the Indonesian spicy noodles with seafood. At Deli’s shelves we offer you the best homemade products – grandmother’s tea cakes, quality domestic beer, varied selection of rakija and wine from best Serbian cellars. On our shelves you can take something as a souvenir, knowing you took as a present the best from Serbia.

La vita may be dolce, but also too short to not eat good food. 🙂

Topličin venac 19-21