This Belgrade hotel is SUPERB

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that a new hotel has opened in Belgrade? Or when we hear that any new place has opened? Exotic cuisine, new technology, something unprecedented?

Novelty is not necessarily an innovation. Usually the best things are inspired by the already-seen diversity, the old-fashioned, something which is established. What has opened its doors in Belgrade, near the main pedestrian zone of the Serbian capital? Something that we can truly call authentically Belgradian.

A Belgrade hotel, which bears the lucid name SUPERB.

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This is a place which beholds Belgrade’s dissimilarities. A place which exudes the traditional Serbian hospitality that we all admire, in which a cup of coffee can be enjoyed with a beautiful view of the fortress marked by a turbulent history between the Celtic, Hungarian and Turkish uprising.

The Superb Luxury Suites go far beyond the history intertwined in Belgrade though – in fact, much further. Inspired by Far Eastern concepts and ideas, each room is designed with a touch of Asia with natural materials such as teak, rattan and the finest damask cotton. Moreover, this Belgrade hotel offers a variety of amenities, for everyone’s needs. Therefore SuperB is perfect for a weekend getaway, business trip or family vacation.

There are two types of suites available, as well as double and triple rooms. Click here to for the entire offer.

This new Belgrade hotel is located in the heart of Belgrade’s Old Town, Rajiceva Street, next to the newly built shopping mall.

It is only 40m from Knez Mihailova Street, the main pedestrian zone, and 600m from Kalemegdan Fortress, National Theater, and the Knez Mihail Monument.

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The famous bohemian district of Skadarlia is only 850m from the SuperB Belgrade hotel.

All the most important landmarks can be reached by foot, enjoying the beauties of the Serbian capital that are in the area.